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Halloween Printable Set

$2.50 Price

Practicing Matching, Memory, Visual Discrimination, Logic, Art, Attention to detail, differentiate Big and Small, train Counting, Tracing, Coloring, Numbers, Shapes, Crafting, Puzzle,

Interactive Numbers Workbook

$4.99 Price

Learning Numbers 1-10.

Trace, Count, Color and Craft activities for kids age 2+

Learning numbers from 1-10 in a more entertaining way in order to catch the child's attention for a longer period of time.


The set includes 6 activity pages per number. 
Total 60 pages.

Numbers and Counting for...

$1.20 Price

Free Numbers Flashcards, Find the Numbers sheets,

Big-Small/Tall-Short/Few-Many 2 piece Puzzles

Counting 1-10 using clothes spin .Color and play dough mats Numbers 1-5.

15 pages

Kawaii Theme Activities Set

$3.20 Price

Printable activities for developing skills includes :

Counting, Logic (puzzle), Tracing letters and Lines, Lacing, Attention to detail, Numbers, Coloring, Esp Game, Memory Grid Game.

34 pages

Toddlers/Kids Calendar

$2.99 Price

Toddlers Kids Calendar. Fun and easy to use and play!

Includes cute Panda moods and by encouraging your child to use it you may better discover his emotions and feelings.

Teach your child difference between seasons, learn different weathers and learn the numbers. Improve hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Summer Activities Set

$1.99 Price

Summer Activities set

This set has great variation of skills to train: counting, tracing, matching, sorting, coloring, attention to detail.

Includes mini themes: sea, fruits, traveling, leisure time.

Toddlers Learning Colors...

$0.99 Price

Learning Colors for Toddlers Age 1-3.

This is a file folder game that will help parents or teachers develop the child skill for distinguishing colors. It contains 2 different sets.

Free Colors learning...

$0.00 Price

Free set Learning Colors and practicing matching according to patterns and color.

This is a set for broadening the Color spectrum of toddlers.

Colors Activities Set

$1.99 Price

Color activities set created for toddlers 1.5-3 years old.

14 Pages of activities: Color Sorting wheel Game, Memory Grid Game, Repeat the Sequence, Coloring and Matching.

Short instructions available for each activity

Fish tank Color & Number...

$1.20 Price

Fish colors and numbers activity set.

This set have created to cover both color and numbers recognition. Includes numbers from 1-10 and 8 colors (fishes).

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