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Toddlers Learning Colors...

$0.99 Price

Learning Colors for Toddlers Age 1-3.

This is a file folder game that will help parents or teachers develop the child skill for distinguishing colors. It contains 2 different sets.

Free Colors learning...

$0.00 Price

Free set Learning Colors and practicing matching according to patterns and color.

This is a set for broadening the Color spectrum of toddlers.

Colors Activities Set

$1.99 Price

Color activities set created for toddlers 1.5-3 years old.

14 Pages of activities: Color Sorting wheel Game, Memory Grid Game, Repeat the Sequence, Coloring and Matching.

Short instructions available for each activity

Fish tank Color & Number...

$1.20 Price

Fish colors and numbers activity set.

This set have created to cover both color and numbers recognition. Includes numbers from 1-10 and 8 colors (fishes).

Free for subscribed members.

Interactive Patterns Matching

$1.25 Price

This activity is great for visual discrimination, colors and patterns variations are of great interest for kids.

Learning shapes with Panda...

$1.50 Price

Learning shapes with Panda. Activity folder matching game for the medium level of shape identification.

Interactive Shapes...

$1.99 Price

Learning Shapes set has several activities to train shape identification by matching, drawing, tracing, coloring, counting, sorting and puzzle(logic) activities. 16 Pages

Halloween Printable Set

$2.50 Price

Practicing Matching, Memory, Visual Discrimination, Logic, Art, Attention to detail, differentiate Big and Small, train Counting, Tracing, Coloring, Numbers, Shapes, Crafting, Puzzle,

Easter Spring Toddler...

$2.20 Price

Toddlers printable Activity set with Spring Easter theme.

Practice: Counting, Numbers, Letters, Tracing, Matching, Differences, Lacing, Coloring, Science sequence.

child will train all these skills in a playful fun way making the process less lesson like but more like a game play.